4 reasons why you shouldn’t study abroad

You start travelling

No matter how hard you try not to, you WILL go to other countries. And you will get addicted to that. This addiction to exploring new countries, meeting new people and discovering new cultures is much more dangerous than for example drug or alcohol addiction. It is also way more expensive. And you can’t get rid of it.

You make friends from countries all around the world

And then you miss them once you are home. Some of them you might never see again. You open Facebook, see the wall timeline, the pictures, the statuses but you are living a different life now.

You will get used to speaking foreign language

So when you will have to speak your native language to other people, it will just feel weird. And as you miss using the foreign language, you start meeting international students in your home country. Eventually you make friends who leave and you will never see them again, see above.

You will feel like a foreigner – in your own home town

Once you come back home and start living your normal life, you will notice things are somehow different. There might be new building on the places you used to know and some other changes, but that’s not it. It’s about how YOU look at things and how you think of them. That is different – in fact YOU are different. Although you might think otherwise.

[infobox style=“tksc-alert-success“] Take it easy and smile. These are my shower thoughts after coming back from my study abroad experience, not some serious elaboration 🙂 [/infobox]






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