Australian dream: Separating truth from bullshit

Marvellous, tough, sunny, dangerous, but mainly different. There are lots of myths, half-truths and „guaranteed“ facts about Australian dream. What you should believe and what rather not?

Australian dream might not be for you

First of all, it is VERY important what brings you to Australia. If you have miserable life back home and you think you will save some money, buy a flight ticket, fly to the other side of the world and suddenly find yourself in paradise, you will fail miserably. You just can’t feel happy in the city where people work hard, everybody goes to gym, surf or at least exercise in park regularly, if your ideal evening consists of drinking bottled beer and watching television.

Australian dream on the cliff
Australian dream on the cliff

For who is Australian dream then?

If you have something to offer, are full of energy and are willing to work hard both on yourself and in your job, then Australia be a paradise for you. Get up early in the morning. Go for a jog to the park. Work for a couple of hours for sake of you and company you are working for. Go to gym in the evening. Enjoy barbecue on rooftop with view on the ocean. For some it might be nightmare. Others might feel they are living the dream.

Also nobody will ask you if you speak English. That’s just natural thing. And not just in Australia.


How not to do it

I recently saw a video of young lady complaining about some school in Sydney. If I were writing direct reaction to her video, I should have it rather posted to some hate website. This lady decided to study abroad after she finished high school. But there is hell of a difference if you study at University of Sydney or if you go to some shitty private school where you just pay them for the degree.

Enjoying Australian dream with kangaroos
Sure, some of the animals will likely want to kill you, but some are nice and cute

Yeah, there are lots of bad schools. Like everywhere else. To be fair, in Sydney maybe a little more. The thing is, getting student visa is way easier than getting work permit. And student visa allows you to work. So for some people it is a way to stay in Australia.


There is plenty of opportunities in Australia. But these are not for layabouts. Getting a job is relatively easy, losing it even easier. If your dream is working for the government, doing nothing and getting money, don’t go to Australia. You would die of starvation.

There are some other differences between comfortable life in central Europe (or wherever you live) and Australia. For example if your friend smashes a spider on the wall during a lunch break while saying „Well, this one was also deadly venomous„. But you will get used to it. Also you won’t need any special shoes for it.





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