Moon Day BBQ

Moon Day Festival (also called Mid-Autumn Festival) is one of the most important holidays in Taiwan (together with Chinese New Year and Dragon Boat Festival). The festival does not have fixed date. It is held on the night of the full moon between early September to early October. Taiwanese usually invite their friends and family members to have a BBQ together and celebrate. I have been lucky and received an invitation for that event.

The guy that invited me for the BBQ is called Rex. I met him on journey from Taipei to Kaohsiung. He helped me to catch the right coach and gave me an advice how to get to school.

When I was leaving the dorms I had absolutely no idea what should I expect. I took a subway to another part of Kaohsiung and then Rex and his friend picked me up. They took me to Rex’s home where the BBQ was held. There were tables and chairs in their garage and the grills were in front of house.

District where the BBQ was held

There was about 20 people attending. Most of them were friends of Rex’s parents. Everyone was very friendly and nice to me. Moreover, there were few people that knew English so it was very nice to chat with them.

Enjoying the BBQ
Enjoying the BBQ

There was a plenty of food. It was the first time I saw most of the dishes. Black tea or beer was drank with meal.

There was another interesting event during the BBQ. Rex’s father had birthday the next day. So its friends used this occasion to wish him for the birthday.

Rex's father and his cake
Rex’s father and his cake

It was a great experience and I thank to Rex and his family for inviting me.





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