About us

Who are we?

We are bunch of friends from Czech Republic. We made some trips together during past years. And well, they are getting bigger and bigger.

How we met each other?

First we just celebrated new years together. And we did that by freeskiing and snowboarding in mountains. Then we made a little roadtrip around Europe. And after going through a surf camp in France we found out Europe is getting too small for us.

Our Team with tuk tuk on Sri Lanka
We had a pretty cool ride back in Sri Lanka

To Asia and beyond

We spend two months travelling through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Our plans and responsibilities are different, so our original team split up. After Sri Lanka, some of us went to Maldives, Dubai and back home. Some others went to Australia to have some fun with kangaroos. Part of our group then made a base camp in Taiwan, where we spend our free time with studying mandarin chinese. But not only that of course.

What can you find on our blog?

Surprisingly, we are writing about our travels and what we experienced during them. But in case somebody else than our parents and grandmas is reading this, we are also including tips and usefull information for other travellers.

Get in touch with us!

Have you got something to say? Let us know in comments bellow, on Facebook or by email.


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