Písečan, Taiwan, Kaohsiung

Písečan, a piece of Czech culture in Taiwan

What is Písečan?

Písečan is folklore, dancing, singing and music group. They perform in traditional Czech costumes while playing traditional Czech music. The one you can know from small traditional village festivals. Musicians play on violins, clarinets but also bass and bagpipes.

Písečan shows traditional Czech dancing and music in Taiwan
Písečan shows traditional Czech dancing and music in Taiwan

Písečan in Taiwan?

I learned about Písečan’s performance on Facebook. If I was back in Czech Republic, I would probably miss it without even thinking about it. But after more than half a year abroad I felt like it was great opportunity to remind myself of Czech culture a little bit. Also I met some fellow Czechs during the event.

How was it?

I got to the event a moment after it started. I’ve never been in this part of Kaohsiung. Finding the exact location of the event took me a little longer than Google Maps were trying to persuade me.

I parked right next to sign „no entry, no motorcycles“. I noticed two guys walking around the parking lot with tickets. But there were some more motorcycles, so I thought it should be fine. The event was held at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages. We just walked through the campus and got to the right place.

We were watching the performance for a while and then we started to recognize known faces. We didn’t arange with anybody. But this little piece of Czech in Taiwan represented by folklore group Písečan attracted a lot of Czechs who are either living or studying in Taiwan.

Písečan performed open air in Taiwan
Písečan performed open air in Taiwan

Also again, I met here the representative of Czech Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, Václav Jílek, who supported folklore group Písečan by his presence.

Was it worth it?

You bet it was! When I returned for the motorcycle to the parking lot, I found a ticket on it. Fortunately i was just a warning (first of three), so actually nothing happened.

Even if you are not exactly fan of traditional music and/or dressing of your country, If you hear about some similar event happening around where you live, be sure to go there. It’s not just about the performance. During the event you surely will meet a lots of interesting people. Also you can use your native language once again. Last but not least you can get to know another people from your home country who are living abroad. Maybe there are people from your home country living even in your town who you just haven’t had a chance or time to get to know. So, go for it!





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